Are you struggling to understand your strengths and manage your weaknesses?

Are you struggling to improve your relationships?

Do you want to unlock the secret potential of your personality?

Do you want to lead a full life and reach your full potential?

Discover your true nature

Every person is a unique synthesis of the mind-body-spirit which combine to give each of us our unique personalities. Each one of us is born with a set of unique personality traits. It is important for us to understand these traits in order to lead a more purpose filled and meaningful life.

Begin a new dawn in your life

Swayam®’s Online Personality Assessment outlines a path that can help you do more with your life.
Swayam® Assessment is based on years of research, deep study and analysis of ancient Indian scriptures and traditions.

Who is it for?

For Human Resources


Make better hiring decisions

For Students


Get clarity on your career paths to choose from

For Individuals


Make informed decisions on your lifestyle choices

Gain insight into your personality and understand how to steer your life towards success.

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Ancient Wisdom That Works For Everyone

The Swayam® approach to Personality Assessment is based on the rich wisdom of ancient Indian scriptures and traditions including the Vedas, Samkhya, Yoga, Upanishads, Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita, Puranas and Ayurveda.

While the methodology of the online assessment is rooted in Indian Psychology, Swayam® is of the belief that we are all a part of the same species, while also allowing us unique personalities with different combinations of the same Pancha Mahabhutas. Thus the online personality assessment is applicable to people of all races, religions, ethnicities, genders, languages, cultures, geographies without distinction.

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